Our core principles:

• Deliver world class quality on time, consistently

• Add value to customer’s Brand

• Be a responsible and reliable business associate

• Client’s Success is our succes

"GMG India specialise in developing and sourcing
apparels, furnishing and accessories for
wholesalers and retailers around the globe..."


Our Mission:

To be a global consumer products trading
company delivering the RIGHT product at the
RIGHT price and the RIGHT time!

Truly GMG India stands for:

• Reliability

• Experience

• Professionalism

• Transparency

• Excellent product quality

• Proactive Service

• Competitive pricing

GMG Group, having been in business for the last
20 years, encompasses a large number of offices
operating in the major economic zones of the world.
All these companies are linked by the common activity
of trading and related services, in their different
product lines, target groups and distribution channels.

All our companies are united in the conviction that
GMG Group stands for excellent prices combined with
first-class service and this philosophy will guide our
actions in the future as well. We firmly believe that our
policy of building and continuously reinforcing a
relationship of trust with our customers instills
a fundamental competitive advantage that will
always prevail over short-term fashions and trends.
Customer-satisfaction comes top on our list of priorities, as well as our high product quality and superb value for
money, our customers truly appreciate our service. After all, the customer is king!

GMG India specialise in developing and sourcing apparels, furnishings and accessories for wholesalers,
retailers around the globe. Our highly trained staff and systems provide expertise in all phases of apparel and
accessory manufacturing.

From development to delivery of the merchandise. Our motive is to assist our customer to develop a profitable
business with reliable high profile suppliers.
Product Development:

We lay a lot of emphasis on product development.
Not only that we duplicate the customer’s styles, we also
continuously keep updating our valued customers on the
latest trends and styles in the market. We travel to
various parts of the world to keep ourselves abreast
of the latest trends in the global market.
Fabric Sourcing:

We control the quality of all the fabric inputs and ensure
their timely delivery to the garment manufacturing unit.
As per the customers specific requirements we ensure
that the fabrics, as well as garments, meet all the
performance standards.
See our Social Compliance page for further information.
Quality Assurance:

We are determined to give the best quality merchandise
to our customers by continually controlling the quality of
the garments from cutting to packing. Fabric Inspections
are done using the 4 point system. From Pilot runs to
Inline, Pre-Final and Final inspection, the quality of
merchandise is assured at each stage...

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